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A Score To Settle Players Pack


A Score to Settle is a two-day, 2000 point, Age of Sigmar event hosted by Miscast Misfits and Red Brick Games.

Event details:

Battlepack: Matched Play, GHB 2023, Season 1(subject to change depending on the release dates of the 'latest' GHB).

Dates: Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th September, 2023

Contact: If you have any questions at all please post them to the event page on Facebook or email: info@miscastmisfits.org.au


Tickets will go on sale Tuesday May 16th, 2023 tickets price is $65.00 and are capped at 60 players.


If we reach 60 players a waitlist will be managed through the event's Facebook page.

Refunds for cancellations will be issued until Friday 8th September, 2023 and will incur a processing fee.

There will be a pre-sale event that will take place for paid members of the Miscast Misfits club. This will commence Saturday 13th May, 2023 and will run until Tuesday May 16th, 2023. The $5 event discount will apply to this event for paid Miscast Misfits club members as this event has been expanded from one of the original one-day events.

Tournament Support Team

Anthony Zagarelos - TO
Sam Morgan - TO

The role of the Tournament Support Team is to ensure that the event runs smoothly. We will require your help with this in the form of submitting your results as soon as the game finishes, helping out when asked to do so (after your game) and attempting to sort out all rules disputes by checking FAQs and other GW publications before coming to us.

If you have any questions before the event, please feel free to email the team at info@miscastmisfits.org.au. Members of the Tournament Support Team will be identified at the start of day one so players know who to approach if they require assistance. Any feedback on any part of the event can also be submitted to this email address and would be appreciated.


Note: Scenarios will be released 2 weeks prior to list submission.

Day 1

Saturday 16th September, 2023

08:00 - 08:30 Registration
08:30 - 11:30 First Round (tba)
11:30 - 12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 15:45 Second Round (tba)
15:45 - 16:00 Break
16:00 - 19:00 Third Round (tba)

Day 2

Sunday 17th September, 2023

08:00 - 08:30 Registration
08:30 - 11:30 Fourth Round (tba)
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch & Player's choice setup
12:30 - 12:45 Player's choice vote
12:45 - 15:45 Fifth Round (tba)
15:45 - 16:15 Pack up & tally scores
16:15 - 16:45 Awards Presentation


The Lynbrook Community Centre is located on the corner of Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street (2 Harris Street, Lynbrook, Vic).

The venue has a supermarket and many food vendors located in the area.

Ample (free, all-day) parking is located in the immediate vicinity of the venue.

List and round submissions

Lists and round results are to be submitted via Best Coast Pairings (BCP), lists are due 11.59pm Friday, 8th September 2023. Army lists will be collated and published prior to the event. To aid this, army lists should be submitted using WarscrollBuilder output. You can access this by clicking the ? icon, clicking 'Full', and then finally the Copy button. Any lists submitted not using this format will not be accepted and will be sent back

Any units which can be armed with more than one type of weapon must be recorded with the appropriate weapons and armour that the models are equipped with. e.g. 'Bastiladon' is not acceptable, it must be recorded as Bastiladon-(Solar Engine)/(Ark of Sotek)


All armies must be fully painted, as a minimum it is expected that every model is 'battle ready' any unpainted models will be removed from the table. Examples and a definition of battle ready can be found here.


Models are expected to be what you see is what you get. Conversions and suitable substitutions are allowed though, so if you have a cool conversion or unusual model, please contact the TOs for approval.

3D printed miniatures are allowed and should be the correct volume and base size of the official GW miniature. 3d printed miniatures should be easily identifiable at a glance. Pictures of all 3d printed miniatures are to be emailed to TO (info@miscastmisfits.org.au) for approval.


Models are to be on appropriate round or oval bases. If you are yet to rebase your army, take the opportunity to rebase your miniatures using the Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Base Sizes. Square bases and square bases stuck to round bases are not accepted.


Terrain will follow the rules set out in the core rules. There will be garrisonable terrain, area terrain, line of sight blocking terrain.

Allegiance Terrain

Any army that uses special GW scenery models (e.g. Wyldwoods, Loonshrines, Feculent Gnarlmaw's) must use official GW models or a proxy that has a traced footprint based on the official GW model. Any non-official terrain pieces must receive TO approval prior to the event (in effect they are part of your army and must be displayed for paint judging).


Prizes will be awarded for:

  • First Overall
  • Second Overall
  • Third Overall
  • Best Painted: as judged by an independent judge (including a Golden Daemon winner!!)
  • Coolest Army: as judged by the players (5 - 10 armies will be nominated by the TOs on the Saturday, these will then be set up for a beauty pageant on the Sunday and voted on by all players)
  • Best Sports
  • Best in Bracket (best 4-1, 3-2, 2-3, etc.) - Players who have won another award will not be eligible for this.
  • Golden Balls / Ball-ettes: The MOST prestigious of all awards, this will only be awarded if a player finishes on the podium (first, second or third overall), wins one of best painted or coolest army and wins best sports. If this award is not won it will carry over to the next event we run and the prize will jackpot.

Tournament Points

At the end of each game the points will be converted as follows:

Game Score
Difference In Score Winner Score Loser Score
Draw 10 10
1-2 12 8
3-4 13 7
5-6 14 6
7-8 15 5
9-10 16 4
11-12 17 3
13-14 18 2
15-16 19 1
17+ 20 0

Conceeding a game will grant your opponent a full 20 point victory. We highly encourage all players to play the game out until the final turn or until the timer for the round ends.


All players are expected to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner. At the conclusion of round 5, players will vote for their two most sporting opponents.


Final standings will be determined with the following tiebreakers applied:

  • Win - Loss - Draw record
  • Total tournament points
  • Sports votes


Games will be played in a 60x44" battlefield. Players are not required to bring terrain (outside of their Faction specific terrain). All boards will have 7-8 pieces of terrain.

Terrain layout will be set up by the Tournament Organisers and will have predetermined Mysterious Terrain as well as any Impassable and Garrison terrain.

Faction terrain setup rules will be as per the latest warscroll and following the army selection rules laid out earlier in this document.

Game Sequence

Draw & Pre-Setup

Before starting your game, you should hand your opponent your list and allow about 5 minutes to look at them and discuss any rules or ask any questions.

Game Play

Each round will last 3 hours which should be plenty of time to deploy your army and play the game out in full. If a player is over 15 minutes late they count as missing the game and their opponent will score full tournament score. If your opponent is not at the table by the cut off time, please contact the event team.

There will be reminders at 90, 60, 30, and 10 minutes to go. We recommend not starting a new battle round if both players can't complete their turns in the time remaining, however; this needs to be reasonable.

Results must be submitted before the end of the round to keep the event on track. If players are still not finished at the end of a round, then they will be asked to stop and work out results. We reserve the right to issue a penalty to anyone who does not complete 3 games in the time limit. If you want to take 140 models, be prepared to play quickly.

Chess Clocks

Chess clocks will not be mandatory for the majority of this event. Hoever, if both players wish to use them then they may.

Chess clocks will be mandatory on tables 1 to 5 in rounds 4 and 5. If you cannot play 5 turns in the allotted time, either because of your list or play style, we suggest changing to a faster army build.

How to use Chess Clocks

The following rules will be in use regarding chess clocks. The responsibility is on both players to ensure time is used correctly.

The Active player is the player who is currently taking their turn and has the clock running on their time. The Inactive Player is the player who is not currently taking their turn.

Time Pausing

Time on a chess clock may only be paused by a member of the tournament team and to resolve an important issue regarding the game.

Time Usage - Setup

The chess clock is activated once the roll for first deployment or deployment zones is made.The player who wins the roll begins the clock on their time. Only the active player can deploy their units.

After armies are deployed, the Player who deployed first becomes the active Player and can decide who goes first or second.

Any interruption caused by an ability can be carried out, and the Player, whose ability is triggered, becomes the active Player. Time then resumes with the player who is taking their turn (see below)

Time Usage - During Game

Time will always be used by the active player with the following exceptions.

  • Switching time is the responsibility of both players
  • An inactive player becomes active in the following cases:
    • The Inactive player asks active player to look up a rule
    • The Inactive player must roll save(s)/damage/ward(s)/attacks or make a dice roll during the Active player's time.
    • The Inactive player must remove/replace/move models
    • The Inactive player is unbinding prayers/spells
    • The Active player cannot continue to play until the Inactive player takes an action
    • A special rule that requires any action during the active player's turn (blood tithe charges, Lumineth shooting phase movement etc.)

Time Expiration

Should one player run out of time, they are not allowed to take any action in the game, and they immediately become the inactive player.

They cannot interact with the game except by performing the following actions:

  • To assign wounds and remove models
  • Any action that must be performed for the game to continue (e.g.: Armour)

During these exceptions the active player may pause their time only during these actions.

Should both players run out of time; they will become inactive players with the mentioned exceptions above.

Tournament Rules


Players are expected to follow the Players Code in the core rule book. DBAD

At the end of the event you'll be asked to vote on your favourite opponent based on gaming etiquette based entirely on their behaviour during the game. Your opponent asking questions is not a sign of poor sportsmanship.

Rules Disputes

Tournament Support will attempt to be available throughout the event should you require a judge's ruling. We ask that you attempt to resolve the dispute with your opponent using the appropriate rulebook & FAQ (or just roll a D6 for it). If a player has concerns at any point, they are always welcome and encouraged to call a judge. When calling for a judge's assistance, please be prepared to provide any relevant rules to the particular question. Once a ruling has been made it is final.

It is not poor sportsmanship to enquire about your opponents rules. If something seems ridiculous then they may have misread or misinterpreted the rule... or they play Lumineth.

All rules disputes which are not resolved must be brought to the TO attention at the time! Telling us afterwards that a player had a rubber ruler, loaded dice or was misleading with rules is pointless. Either tell us at the time or not at all.

Safe Environment

The tournament support team will maintain a safe environment for all attendees of the event and will take any necessary steps to ensure this. All participants should be aware of the conditions of entry for the Lynbrook Community center.

If you are feeling unwell on either of the event days we would ask that you stay home.

What to bring

The following items are a requirement, not a suggestion:

  1. Your army
  2. Clearly readable dice
  3. A tape measure (which has inches)
  4. Something to track your buffs - Acrylic/wood token, a piece of paper with the buff written on. Whatever works.
  5. A way to access your rules - AoS App, battletome etc
  6. A way to track the score - Game tracker, notebook etc
  7. Objective markers of some kind
  8. Deodorant

It is also suggested you bring the following:

  1. Accurate rulers/combat gauges for quick measuring
  2. A trolley to carry your army on the day
  3. A water bottle and snacks

Wasting Time

If you arrive late for registration or any round which results in your opponent sitting idle waiting for you, you will incur a penalty of -1 tournament point per instance.

Should you arrive late to Game #1 or Game #4 of the event you may lose your spot if there is an uneven number of players. Assuming your spot is still available, you will be paired with any other late arrivals (again, where relevant) with a mandate to complete your game in the original Round time. If you aren't matched up due to lateness, you will be marked as a Major Loss against the Bye.

If a judge is informed or observes anyone intentionally wasting time or delaying their turn or failing to start a new set of turns because they might lose but there is enough time remaining, we will intervene and may issue a TP penalty.


  1. Dice rolling apps will NOT be in use
  2. Dice must be clearly legible and easily interpreted by all parties involved at the event
  3. All dice must be rolled onto the table or into a dice tray. Make sure your opponent can see them before you begin removing or re-rolling.
  4. Where multiple entries for the same unit exist, use the most up to date version.
  5. Base sizes should be in accordance with the GW basing guide. If base sizes have recently changed please contact the TO.

A Score To Settle is a Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Grand Tournament hosted by Miscast Misfits Inc and Red Brick Games.

Last updated: Wednesday 17th of July 2024